Tips To Protect Hardwood Floors Sanding Marks

Latest technology

Various types of sanding papers with different textures are required to sand the hardwood floors. Sanding machines also come in various varieties. Make sure that your sanding professional makes use of the latest machines and technology in sanding your floor. Dust free sanding is very popular now-a-days. The danger of sanding marks caused due to left over dust particles is minimized in dust free sanding.

Other precautions

Before the process of sanding starts, make sure that your sanding professionals remove all the nails from the floor. They should also tighten the loose wooden planks, if there are any. If the sanding machine runs over a nail or a loose wooden plank, it can cause sanding marks on hardwood floors. Sanding machine should be constantly kept in movement while sanding. It should not be held for a long time on a particular point, as it can also cause sanding marks and even deep grooves.

To avoid any sanding marks on your hardwood floors, sanding professionals with good reputation and experience is all you need to find. These professionals are aware of the appropriate sanding papers and machines that are to be used. They also have expertise in using the sanding machines properly.


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