Sanding Wooden Floors – An Historical Inspiration


Chinese used to make sanding paper with sand and crushed shells that were glued to a strong base using naturaladhesives. Crushed seeds were also used to make sanding papers in the past. The skin of shark was also used as sandpaper. Today, advanced methods of making sand papers are used. Different types of sand papers are made with different textures and grit sizes to suit distinct type of sanding requirements. Sanding wooden floors is a historical activity that is improved upon by using modern concepts.

Modern technology

Like today, sanding wooden floors required talented professionals flooring contractor even in the past era. However, the difference lies in the type of technology that was used. Today, there are advanced machines that can be adjusted on the basis of the direction of the wooden grains and the different wood densities. The high-tech machines have reached a level where you also have an option of dust free sanding. This type of sanding is effective as it decreases the risk of sanding marks.

Get the best out of sanding process

Sanding wooden floors is a process that has been borrowed from our past. This process was used to refinish the wooden floors of palaces and other royal houses. Skilled professionals used to perform the process of sandingwooden floors in the past. But today, there are so many advanced machines that enable you to sand your wooden floors on your own. However, to get the best results out of sanding process, it is better to hire professional services for this purpose. This also helps to avoid sandingmarks that may be caused due to incorrect sanding procedures.


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