Popularity of Solid Hardwood Flooring

Solid hardwood flooring is very popular in Tampa, FL. That is not surprising because a home with solid hardwood flooring is indeed beautiful and very welcoming. Hardwood flooring prices are also quite reasonable, given their durability and timeless appeal. Hardwood floor sales also come with professional flooring contractorinstallation and finishing packages. Refinishing and repair services are available, as well.Solid hardwood flooring comes in many variants, including Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Birch, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry and Mohawk. The most popularly used in North American homes is solid oak hardwood flooring which can come in either red or white varieties. Red solid oak hardwood flooring comes in various hues of reddish brown, with medium stiffness and a softer, more porous open grain. White solid oak hardwood flooring has a wider color range, from cream to medium brown, and is harder but with low stiffness. Both types of solid oak hardwood flooring are categorized as heavy hard wood with medium bending strength.

The customer can customize the look of solid hardwood flooring by choosing the shade of the stain to be used as well as through the use of borders, parquetry, medallions and inlays. Reputable dealers of solid hardwood flooring offer free professional advice and information to home owners and their interior decorators in this regard.

What the customer receives is unfinished hardwood flooring. Professionals install hardwood floors and finish them as part of the package. This includes staining and sealing which not only customize the look for the particular home but also provide the most advanced protection for the solid hardwood flooring. With the current quality of finishing available, solid hardwood flooring will not only last through generations while retaining its original beauty but it is also rendered low maintenance. Cleaning hardwood floors does not have to involve more than sweeping and vacuuming. Although professional wood flooring cleaning products will enhance the wood floor further, these only have to be applied occasionally.

Some homes already have old solid hardwood flooring. However, with the traditional finishing applied in years past, these may have been dulled by stains, scratches and wear and tear. Current hardwood floors refinishing services can bring back the original magnificence of even old solid hardwood flooring, though. Since new finishing will be applied after stripping, the solid hardwood flooring will truly be comparable to the new ones even in levels of protection and in being low maintenance. This proves how timeless solid hardwood flooring can truly be.

In fact, when real estate agents were surveyed nationwide, an amazing 90 percent of them said that houses are sold quicker and at much higher prices if they feature solid hardwood flooring. Home owners should therefore take advantage of this opportunity not only to enjoy solid hardwood flooring but also raise their property value. Solid hardwood flooring is a win-win investment.

Solid hardwood flooring will always be popular in Tampa, FL in all its many variants, such as Cherry, Maple, Red Oak, Birch, Bamboo, Brazilian Cherry and Mohawk. It is only to be expected that hardwood floor sales, installation and repair will always be in demand.

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